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The Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA) is a Weapons System Directorate under the CECOM Logistics and Readiness Center, one of three major centers in the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), MD. The mission of CSLA is to serve as the Army Commodity Manager for all Communications Security (COMSEC) materiel. CSLA is responsible for the acquisition, distribution, and logistics support to all Army users of COMSEC equipment, cryptographic keying material, and other encryption products.

CSLA operates and maintains the Army-hosted Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) Primary Tier 1 site at Fort Huachuca, AZ and is delegated significant Service Authority responsibilities for EKMS. CSLA is responsible for COMSEC logistics, and provides staff support to Project Director COMSEC (PD COMSEC) for the Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) Program - Future Army. CSLA manages the Army's Information Systems Security Program (ISSP) for acquisition management of all accountable COMSEC material. As the Service Provider for COMSEC material, CSLA is the integrated logistics manager for the Army Cryptographic Modernization (CM) Program established to identify obsolete cryptographic algorithms, the affected weapons platforms, and programmed upgrades of the current COMSEC equipment inventory using new and evolving cryptographic technologies.

CSLA serves as one of the two Department of Defense (DoD) COMSEC Central Offices of Record in support of 1,394 COMSEC accounts within the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and selected civil agencies. CSLA provides the Warfighter with procurement resources, logistics, sustainment management and new equipment training support for COMSEC/INFOSEC and related emerging technologies. The activity directs operations at the Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) COMSEC Division for the Army's COMSEC Wholesale Logistics System. CSLA also performs all functions of materiel readiness and distribution, to include the COMSEC National Maintenance Point (NMP) and the COMSEC National Inventory Control Point (NICP).

Other CSLA mission areas include: CSLA INFOSEC Representatives (CIR) security assistance/customer support; Army-wide COMSEC COMSEC Training Team (CTT); COMSEC facility approvals and inspections; audits and inspections of Army COMSEC accounts; Certification Authentication Workstations (CAW) within the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI); and COMSEC incident evaluations and adjudication as the Army COMSEC Incident Monitoring Activity (CIMA) to assess the potential damage to national security. Additional Activity missions/functions include: Army COMSEC logistics and National Security Agency (NSA) liaison; customer support for general COMSEC inquiries, cryptographic key management, COMSEC accounting, and policy development/implementation; and COMSEC logistics initiatives. CSLA administers the official NSA library of publications for the Army and supports the COMSEC Material Control System (CMCS) COMSEC Account Managers (CAMs) and Property Book Officers (PBOs) for the Regular Army, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and other services and agencies worldwide.

CSLA is an activity of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, Logistics Readiness Center. You may visit their website for more information at:

Office of the Director/Deputy
(520) 538-6131

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