Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA)
United States Army

Army COMSEC Incident Desk

The COMSEC incident desk is the first tier for Army units/organization for the reporting of insecurities that may jeopardize the integrity of COMSEC material or affect the transmission of information. The desk receives, monitors, evaluates, directs additional investigation and reporting of all Army reportable COMSEC incidents, and is the adjudication authority for certain insecurities or compromises. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 0730 – 1630 MTZ.

Contact Information

Chief, Security Assurance Section
DSN: 879-7519

Army COMSEC Incident Desk
Hours: Monday-Friday 0730–1630 MTZ
DSN: 879-6008
or DSN: 879-7068
DIT AMHS Address:
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