Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA)
United States Army

CSLA INFOSEC Representative (CIR)


Provide on-site technical and logistical assistance for CSLA managed Information Assurance (IA) products including Communications Security (COMSEC) key/equipment, and Information Security (INFOSEC) systems and materiel.

CIR Functions

  • Support DA/G2, Information Security and CIO Information Assurance (IA) initiatives, by providing field-level logistics coordination, installation, and maintenance concept support of IA products.
  • Provide Local COMSEC Management Software (LCMS) consultation and training.
  • Advise units on all logistics matters regarding COMSEC/IA including supply status, maintenance concepts and fielding plans.
  • Provide COMSEC Materiel Control System (CMCS) assistance, e.g, account management, audit preparation, and COMSEC Account Inspection preparation.
  • Provide assistance to staffs in preparing Information Systems Security Program (ISSP) Input.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Depot Forward Repair Activities (SWA)
  • Brief Commands regarding CSLA’s mission, products, services, and capabilities.

Contact Information

CSLA Customer Support Center
COM: 800-662-2123
DSN: 879-1826
Unclassified, Non-Sensitive, Non-Privacy Act Use Only
Official Source of Army Information