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CSLA Cryptographic Modernization

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The Cryptographic Modernization mission is to transform the DOD Cryptographic inventory to ensure an appropriate security posture for national security systems by providing transparent cryptographic capabilities consistent with operational imperatives and mission environments.

CSLA Cryptographic Modernization Roles & Responsibilities

  • Serve as Technical Logistics Advisor to the Office of Information Assurance and Compliance (OIAC) and CM Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Perform life cycle and algorithm analysis to determine end of service life on legacy equipment
  • Develop Cryptographic Modernization (CM) replacement/transition strategies for logistically unsupportable and technologically obsolete equipment
  • Develop annual cryptographic equipment assessment (Acquisition Baseline)
  • Develop and maintain CM database used as a programmatic tool to determine crypto applications throughout the Army
  • Coordinate Joint Interoperability Testing Requirements for all crypto devices
  • CM liaison with Program Executive Office/Program Management (PEO/PM) community on developmental efforts such as WIN-T, FCS, and JTRS
  • Facilitate Type Classification, Material Release and Fielding of new crypto equipment with CM PMO and CSLA counterparts.
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