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CSLA Electronic Commerce Team (ECOM)


The recently established Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA) ECOM team is an Army initiative to increase Electronic Commerce support for procuring Army COMSEC products by re-engineering our Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR) process within CSLA’s Information Assurance Division. Under the new MIPR process, the ECOM team is responsible for initiating the electronic procurement of Army COMSEC equipment. The ECOM team is not, however, a Resource Management Office, and as such will not be doing the Acceptance for MIPRs. These will still come from NSA as the Contract Manager. The ECOM Team utilizes National Security Agency’s web based Unclassified Technical Information Exchange System (UNTIES) system.

The intent is to centralize all Army COMSEC procurement information and provide a one stop resource for Army customers, HQDA, and NSA regarding Army COMSEC guidance, purchase, acceptances, contracts and the status of procurements.

All Army COMSEC customers must also post their requirements in the web based Information Security Systems Program (ISSP). Upon approval for COMSEC purchase, Army customer will now be referred to the CSLA ECOM Team for MIPR preparation guidance. Since development of the ECOM team has resulted in significant changes to previous MIPR guidance, Army COMSEC customers are highly encouraged to contact the ECOM team prior to submission of MIPRs to ensure timely processing.

Army customers may email questions to for inquiries regarding MIPR preparation and status.

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