Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA)
United States Army

Information Systems Security Program (ISSP)


Provide the Office of Information Assurance and Compliance (OIAC), the soldier, and CSLA superior support by unifying and streamlining the procurement processes of Communication Security / Information Assurance (COMSEC/IA) resources needed to protect Army communication systems.

Fully automate the logistical processes that identify equipment needs, procurement and allocation of COMSEC devices to Army units. Continually provide quality customer support and maintain the highest professional standards.

The ISSP Team develops and defends the Army's ISSP (Information Assurance Program) during JCS, OSD, OMB and HAC reviews and hearings while maintaining the ISSP website. They collect and document all requirements for immediate and future COMSEC/IA needs and provide these requirements as justification in the support of the U.S. Army’s Planning, Programming and Budgeting Execution System (PPBES). All requirements are collected via a state-of-the-art, Web-based application. This Web-enabled database assists staff from the G3, G6 and G8 offices in the: equitable distribution of limited resources, accurate forecasting during budget processes and a real-time insight into Major Command/Combatant Commanders requirements.

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