Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA)
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National Inventory Control Point (NICP)


The National Inventory Control Point Branch is responsible for the complete, integrated life cycle support of current and Type 1 IA products. The team performs supply and maintenance analysis to define the optimal Integrated Logistics Support concept and develop technical documentation and test strategy to support Type Classification and Materiel Release, as well as utilizing an evolving set of IA security solutions that provide secure interoperability among a wide variety of missions across the Defense Information Infrastructure. Products include Link and Trunk Encryption devices; In-Line Network Encryption devices; Data Transfer Devices; KOK-22A and KOK-13A Key Processors; Tactical Secure Voice Telephone Equipment (STE).

Contact Information

Contact National Inventory Control Point
COM: 520-538-6403, 520-538-7534
DSN: 879-6403 / 879-7534

Help Desk
COM: 1-800-662-2123
DSN: 879-1826

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