Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA)
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National Maintenance Point (NMP)


The Communications Security Logistics Activity National Maintenance Point (NMP) is responsible for the integrated life cycle support of Information Assurance products coded as Major End Items; Depot Inter-Service Agreements; Development of Army COMSEC equipment repair standards and maintenance Concepts for field, sustainment and depot level maintenance programs. The NMP prepares Maintenance Allocation Charts, test standards for COMSEC equipment and washout criteria for inclusion in technical publications; develops technical publication on new COMSEC equipment, and maintains and modifies existing publications.

At the AMC/Army level and at the DOD level, NMP controls all Army Federal Supply Class 5810 COMSEC equipment publications through the CSLA Equipment Publications Control Officer (EPCO). The NMP develops depot workload scheduling and funding for all Major End Item repair and secondary repairable COMSEC items; manages the destruction and demilitarization of COMSEC equipment; and serves as a member of the Joint COMSEC Automated Test Equipment (ATE) User Group. Represent the Army as a member on the Joint-Service COMSEC Depot Maintenance Inter-Service Working Group (DMIWG), Modification Work Order Working Group (MWOWG), and COMSEC Inter-Service Depot Overhaul Standards (CIDOS) Committee. NMP also manages the COMSEC RESET program for the Army and manages the Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) / Logistic Support Analysis Report (LSAR) Program for COMSEC materiel, and compiles statistical RAM/Readiness data from Army wide input and maintenance engineering calculations. Administers the EIP/QDR/SDR Programs for Army COMSEC materiel. Serves as the Army's point of contact for COMSEC equipment technical data, consisting of schematics drawings and component level support.

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