Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA)
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CSLA Information Assurance Division


Provide integrated life cycle logistics support for Information Security (INFOSEC) products, in accordance with AR 750-1 and AR 710-1, by performing all National Inventory Control Point (NICP) and National Maintenance Point (NMP) functions. Serve as the Department of the Army CIO/G6 Executive Agent, Central Procurement Activity and Policy Creation Authority for information assurance products such as guards, firewalls, in-line encryptors and intrusion detection software and hardware. Support LMP processes and provide functional problem analysis for changes necessary in support of COMSEC. Develop new missions in COMSEC, INFOSEC, Information Assurance and other secure Information Technology programs, logistics planning, programming.

Provide information security assistance and logistics support. Transform the Army’s cryptographic inventory to one that will deliver a strong security posture for national security systems by providing transparent cryptographic capabilities that support a seamless Joint network of information and engagement grids that link sensors, command and control cells, and tactical units to support future warfighting capabilities. The future inventory will provide security devices that ease logistics, reduce manpower burdens, support Joint interoperability, improve interoperability with allies and coalition partners, enable network-centric and transparent key/equipment management, allow effective future upgrades, and offer cryptographic protection to counter modern threats. The division serves as the forward thinking element of CSLA, responsible for analyzing new IA initiatives and emerging technologies and determining their correlation with current activity missions.

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