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CSLA COMSEC Logistics and Technical Newsletter (COLT)


The Communications Security (COMSEC) Logistics and Technical Newsletter (referred to as The COLT) is an electronic newsletter published periodically by the Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA). The COLT is an informal source of information regarding current and future COMSEC equipment, policy, training, events, and program updates. It also provides COMSEC technical assistance and logistics information, and clarification of policies and procedures in response to queries received from CSLA customers in the field. While primary readers of the COLT are Army COMSEC Account Managers, Property Book Officers, maintenance personnel, and Controlled Cryptographic Item Serialization Officers, other worldwide customers, including those from the other Services, peruse and make use of the valuable information published in this informative newsletter.

The COLT is unofficial and does not supersede or take precedence over regulations or other directives. If there is a conflict between information in the COLT and what regulations dictate, always follow the regulation.

The COLT Memorandum is For Official Use Only (FOUO).

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CSLA Events and information Lead, COLT Editor COM: 520-538-7583

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