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GIPC User IPT Meeting


The Global Integrated Partnership for COMSEC (GIPC) User Information Process and Technology (IPT) meeting is a collaborative forum sponsored by Project Lead Network Enablers (PL Net E) that brings together key Army representatives in the COMSEC materiel, policy, logistics, and requirements development community to provide training and information sharing within the COMSEC User community.

Event Information

The 2017 GIPC User IPT meeting will begin Monday afternoon May 8th through Thursday, May 11th, 2017 at Greely Hall (Building 61801), Fort Huachuca, AZ. The GIPC User IPT meeting is conducted annually through a series of collaborative briefings, discussions, and hands-on training opportunities. The IPT meeting will include opportunities to learn, collaborate, and engage in meaningful discussions with those who make and influence Army COMSEC decisions. There is also ample opportunity to meet and speak with Project Lead Network Enablers, CSLA, and other decision makers on COMSEC related issues. Information for the 2017 IPT is posted to the GIPC User IPT Information link. CAC login is required to gain access.

There are no registration fees to participate. Attendees must be a United States citizen and hold a current security clearance at the Secret or higher level.

Briefings from the 2016 IPT are located in the GIPC User IPT Briefings Archive link. CAC login is required to gain access.

Please contact the personnel below for further information.

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CSLA Business Development/GIPC User IPT Coordinator COM: 520-538-7583

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