Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA)
United States Army

Plans, Policies and Procedures (P3T)


The Plans, Policies and Procedures Team (P3T) develops Army policy for HQDA (Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, G-2), Office of the Army Chief Information Officer (CIO/G-6), the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 in the implementation of IA, INFOSEC, and COMSEC logistics initiatives. They also draft Army policy, influence the development of National IA COMSEC policy promulgated by NSA, and provide resources for Command Protection, Tier 1, AKMS/EKMS, and IA programs. The P3T promulgates the U.S. Army's COMSEC logistics accounting and control procedures as the proponent agency for TB 380-41 (Security Procedures for Safeguarding, Accounting, and Supply Control of COMSEC Materiel) and for TB 380-40 (Operational Security Procedures for COMSEC Equipment, and Control of Electronic COMSEC Key Material). Additionally, the P3T publishes the Army COMSEC Logistics and Technical Newsletter (known as The COLT), which is an informational bulletin that provides worldwide customers with a quick, informal source of COMSEC information.

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