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Welcome to the Key Management Infrastructure Team (KMIT)


The Key Management Infrastructure Team (KMIT) is responsible for providing operational, logistics, and technical key management support to the Army.

The KMIT provides logistics and technical support for the Electronic Key Management System (EKMS). The EKMS is a tri-service program responsible for management of COMSEC cryptographic key, and for generation, accounting, and distribution of key material.

The KMIT members are critical players in developing the plan for migrating from EKMS to the follow-on Key Management Infrastructure (KMI), which is currently under development by the National Security System working in conjunction with the services.

The KMIT also supports Army in moving to and integrating emerging Key Management modern technologies. KMT members have the subject matter expertise and technical know-how essential for ensuring that future communications and combat systems will meet Army’s operational and security needs.

The KMIT is developing and will maintain the Key Management Synchronization & Collaboration (KM S&C) tool. The KM S&C is a web application used to centrally archive program events, milestones, interdependencies, contacts, documentation, and web links. The KM S&C will assist Army’s development and management of communications programs.

The KMIT also supports the Product Manager (PdM) NETOPS on the Army’s EKMS Tier 2 user-level workstation upgrades and fieldings of new hardware and software.

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